October 22, 2011

Marian's Manifesto

As with everything in Parelli and in this blog, this manifesto applies to more than horsemanship. Just because it seemed like time . . .

Be yourself, wholly and without controlment. Own who you are, every bit of it, down to the most embarrassing detail. Act in a way that you feel good about without reference to the opinions of others. Be as excited about what you don’t know as you are about what you do know.

Accept what is and look for the good that is already there. If change seems necessary, ask what you can realistically do and don’t feel bad about what you can’t. Before you fight something, ask whether you created the fight through your own need to control, or to win, or to be right.

Practice non-attachment to outcomes. Do your best and be satisfied with that, no matter how imperfect. Trust the process and that you are exactly where you need to be within it. Make fluidity of movement and your relationship with others your primary goals in everything you do. Focus on the joy of doing rather than the triumph of accomplishment.

Live in the present moment. Breathe. Pay attention to sensory input. Look around. Revel in all the amazing things your body can do. Ask whether there is anything at this moment of your life that you can’t handle. Look at things with curiosity, as a child does, rather than with fear or judgment.

Make sleep a priority. Sleep when you are happy because it feels good. Sleep when you are sad because then you really need it. Never, ever feel like a slacker for taking a nap.